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zSTRESS offers innovative IP stresser / booter solutions. Our stresser was made from scratch to offer you the #1 IP booter experience.

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Uses recursive DNS reflectors for a 50x amplification rate, queries DNS resolvers for ANY, our most popular UDP based stresser method.


A 300x amplification vector but miniscule reflectors makes NTP great for certain hosts and sites, a classic UDP based booter method.


Uses UPnP information about printers, fax machines, wireless toasters, etc, for a 50x amplification vector based on UDP.


Short for character generator protocol, spams a random amount of 1024-6000 bytes of arbitrary characters to a given host over UDP.


Uses Tsource Engine Query to exploit a vulnerability in valve source servers to cripple them instantly. No amplification, this is a raw method.


A raw TCP method that sends millions of TCP-SYN packets to a given host, great for routers that have low switch rates.


A cousin of SSYN, sends TCP-ACK packets forcing the host to reply with a RST packet, incredibly usefull for all sorts of protected networks.


Fires short 1Gbps bursts of UDP to make the given target lag, not go fully offline, can be very annoying for the victim.


The only layer 7 / HTTP based method we offer, floods a website with pingback requests to overload the webserver and various other applications.

Completely Custom

zSTRESS was made from scratch, a team of developers constructed our unique website over a period of months to perfect every aspect, and give you the ultimate IP booter experience.

  • Instant registration is provided on our register page, so you can get started instantly.
  • Any payments are activated instantly, you can be booting within 60 seconds!

The #1 IP Stresser

zSTRESS is constantly updating and changing to the latest booter methods. Our stresser is superior to all, setting the industry standard.

  • Dedicated backend booter nodes ensure 15-20Gbps of attack power behind every single flood.
  • The most effective XMLRPC on the market, guaranteed.